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Here at the Weissman law firm we believe in going the extra mile.

We care about each and every client. With total dedication, we will stand by your side until the situation is resolved to your satisfaction.

Every homeowner has a unique story to share. Nothing says it louder than appreciative homeowners who will tell you firsthand. Success isn’t won in an hour or a day but is the outcome of hard work and careful attention to detail.

Our foreclosure counselors display unparalleled expertise and dedication to your cause. We help homeowners nationwide who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments; guiding them through the process toward a thorough awareness of all available options. Now we want to help you. Together we will do our very best to save your mortgage and your home.

With an excellent success rate, our loss mitigators are among the most experienced in the country. We will negotiate with the bank on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome!

Things are bleak on the U.S. home foreclosure front these days.

Mortgage loan stability is spiraling downward in an unprecedented wave of foreclosure filings.

Did you know that 2.3 million homeowners faced foreclosure in 2008? It was an 81 percent increase from the year before. Nationwide, more than 860,000 properties were actually repossessed by lenders in 2008, more than double the 2007 level.

Unfortunately, the numbers are expected to rise. Future foreclosure filings are projected to exceed 1.4 million. That’s precisely where the Weissman law firm comes in. We are determined to stop that trend. It is to you, the homeowners, that we are committed, and we will do everything within our power to help you save your home.

With our extensive experience let us help you every step of the way and do everything possible to prevent your foreclosure. After performing an assessment of your situation and analyzing your bank’s policies we will negotiate with your bank to get you the best solution to your specific situation. We can help you save your home and credit history through a variety of loss mitigation options.